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15 Most Visited Countries In The World

Everyone dreams of visiting exotic countries in the world and seeing a new culture, diving into history, and relish the natural wonders the place has to offer. Listed below are 15 of the most visited countries in the world that are on virtually everyone’s bucket list-


France is one of the best countries to visit.
Source- Conde Nast Traveler

France is known for its city of love, light and fashion. Every year millions of backpackers travel to France and take its culture and beauty. The most romantic one can think of is going to Paris to the glowing Eiffel Tower at night and basking in its glory. But France is more than just Paris and its frankly overrated Tower, which locals consider a monstrosity.

If you want to step away from the mainstream touristy areas, visit Strasbourg and Dijon in southern France. Being one of the most romantic countries globally, it is no surprise that France makes this list.


Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries to visit.

Thailand makes up the most significant portion of Southeast Asia’s travel. Widely known for being budget-friendly due to its exchange rate, the nation is slowly changing into a luxury getaway that sees more resorts and high-end offerings pushing out Bangkok’s backpacking and infamous businesses.


Source- State Department

Japan tempts visitors with its first-rate cuisine, ancient shrines, a rich sense of tradition, and radically distinctive natural features like snow-capped Mount Fuji. It is the third most visited of the Asian countries. The most beautiful thing one can witness is cherry blossoms covering every inch of Japan, turning its landscape into something to be beheld.

4) USA

Source- PlanetWare

The USA is a smashing tourist hub. New York is top-grade to see in fall with its orange hues. It is a city that never sleeps. To imbibe a melting pot of culture, one should never forget New Orleans and the French Quarter. If you want to party, the sin city of Las Vegas awaits you and to see the gorgeous northern lights, head to Alaska.


The great wall of China.
Source- PlanetWare

China is also cheap and has top-notch public transport. The country’s most notable attraction is the Great Wall of China, the largest man-made structure globally, covering 21196 km. Reed Fluke Cave is one of the most unimagined caves in the world.


Source- PlanetWare

Malaysia has its natural charms and lovable tropical temps, ranging from 68 to 86 degrees all year round. Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur features not only a series of gripping caves but a century-old Hindu temple. The temple is accessed via colourful rainbow steps and therefore considered as a happening tourist attraction.


Source- Euronews

Italy has a rich history, and most of its sites are very well potted to date, which makes it very appealing for tourists and is one of the most visited countries in the world. Rome is one of the oldest cosmopolitan cities known for its influential art, architecture and culture. Italy is unquestionably on the bucket list of every traveller.



Spain is a lovely country in the Mediterranean and comes in 2nd position in most visited countries globally. La Rambla in Barcelona is the hub where you want to dance to flamenco or eat. If you’re not one to run away from a fight, you can also run with the bulls! In conclusion, Ibiza is a destination with its tranquil beaches and resorts.


Source- CNN

Mexico is known as the land of extreme because of the high mountains and deep canyons in the country’s centre. It is also known for its different and gorgeous landscape of deserts, mountains and jungles. The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve situated in Mexico is the world heritage site where millions of butterflies arrive in the reserve annually.


Source- World Tourism Forum Institute

Germany is ranked 1st in the world on the nation brands index for its popularity. Both Europeans and Americans praise the country’s challenging historical attractions, vibrant cities, vast forests enthusiastically and most significantly, excellent beer.


United Kingdom.

London is the most popular city for international tourists, and the London Bridge, the Tower of London and the London Eye are some popular destinations. The UK is best-loved by many European and North American tourists for its historical sites, well-developed tourist facilities and infrastructure, and a peek into the cultural dynamic of the country.


Source- PlanetWare

Greece remains a hotspot for tourists, one of the best countries to vacation in, growing by 2 million visitors yearly for the past three years. Regardless of asserting with overcrowding, Santorini remains a must-visit. With its whitewashed houses perched on cliffs overlooking the sea, it is precisely what you picture when you think of Greece.


Hong Kong.
Source- Travel Daily

Hong Kong remains one of the most visited places due to its popularity among business travellers. Whether visiting for travel or business, most tourists make their way to Hong Kong’s wealth and shopping malls and highly rated restaurants. Hong Kong is one of the countries you visit for a truly unique experience.


Source- Global Grasshopper

Canada indeed features in the list for natural scenes and fishing. Canada has a beautiful lighthouse near its coastal towns. It is cold all around the year but the best time to visit is during the summers. You can relish ice fishing and ice hockey and also take a tour of the street art.


Source- SeeNews

Croatia has stunning scenic locations. The most famous destination in Dubrovnik. This country is filled with traditions and cultures. The winters are rough, so the summertime is the best to have a tour to Croatia. Croatia is now famous for shooting the “Game of Thrones” series.


Several countries in this world offer a host of beautiful sights and experiences. These are a few of the most visited countries, so the next time you’re planning a vacation, you know where to look!

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