25 Gujarati Dishes You Must Try

What does it mean to be a loyal Gujju? In case you thought breaking into a dandiya routine, engorging your mouth with jalebi-fafda, and being addicted to Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma is all that …

Must try Gujarati dishes

What does it mean to be a loyal Gujju? In case you thought breaking into a dandiya routine, engorging your mouth with jalebi-fafda, and being addicted to Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma is all that it takes, then you’re highly mistaken, my friend!

Many of us connect Gujarat only with dhokla, khakhra or the most desirable Gujarati thali. But there sure are a lot more dishes than that. North Gujarat, Kathiyawad, Kacch and Surti Gujarat are four major regions, and each brings its uniqueness to Gujarati cuisine.

Here is a list of Gujarati dishes that you definitely can’t miss out on:-


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No Gujarati’s picnics, journeys, trips abroad or even business trips are complete without this omnipresent snack. When accompanied by a steaming hot cup of tea, they make for a deluxe breakfast or a lovely snack during the monsoon.

Doodh Pak

Doodh pak.
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A Gujarati version of a classical Indian rice pudding, doodh pak is ordinarily made using rice, milk, saffron, nuts and is best accompanied with puris. It is a perfect ending to a royal feast.


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A mix of Indian veggies, including brinjal, green beans and plantain, undhiyu is usually served in earthen pots informally known as “matlu”. This seasonal preparation is a speciality in Surat, Navsari and Valsad.


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Made of thin layers of gram flour cooked in buttermilk, the Khandvi is flavoured with salted sesame seeds and other spices. Rolled up in small-sized chunks whose taste will blow your mind, khandvi has genuinely gained its reputation as one of Gujarat’s best-loved snacks.

Gujarati Kadhi

Gujarati Kadhi.
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The kadhi is a classical dish made of sour curd, spiced with thickened gram flour and sugared with jaggery. It makes a tiptop summer dish because of its cooling nature. No thali meal is ever complete without the kadhi.


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Gota is Gujarat’s very own dish made from gram flour and fenugreek leaves. It is a classical Gujarati dish and a wonderful treat during Holi. It is enjoyed by young and old alike, with ketchup or a sweet and sour chutney made from dates and tamarind.


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The dish is typically referred to as Surati ghari as it is a sweet dish chiefly prepared in Surat. It is made of milk, ghee, and puri batter with sweetish fillings inside, then cast into round shapes. These are also available in various flavours like pistachios, almonds and a lot more.

Gujarati khichdi

Gujarati khichdi.
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Nourishing in content and wholesome in flavours and taste, Gujarati khichdi usually contains ingredients like rice, cereals, vegetables, and ghee. It is one of the typical Gujarati dinner recipes which are frequently consumed with buttermilk.


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Muthiya is prepared from a mixture of chickpea flour, bottle gourd and other spices, and then steamed, pan-fried and seasoned. Soft and flossy on the inside, golden and crunchy on the outside, you can enjoy it with a dash of mint-coriander chutney or ketchup.

Sev Tameta Nu Shaak

Sev Tameta Nu Shaak.
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Sugary, salty, hot and tangy, it’s an extravaganza of flavours in your mouth. Prepared using a good amount of tomatoes and garnished with crunchy sev and fresh coriander, you can serve it with theplas, phulkas or paranthas.

Lilva Kachori

Lilva kachori.
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Lilva Kachori is a special Gujarati dish made with a filling of pigeon peas. It is made from white flour and semolina, rolled out and filled with a mixture of pigeon peas, green chillies, coriander, and other spices. Later rolled into balls and then fried. They’re best served with tangy chutney or sauce.


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Locho is a type of Gujarati farsan prepared from wheat flour. It is flavoured with oil, butter, coriander, sev, spices, and onion to contribute to a rich coating of flavours that brings about a lovely aroma while having food.


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It is a very crispy snack and is prepared from various flours like urad flour, gram flour, a clump of spices, dry mango powder, black salt, etc. the dough forms thin strips that are then deep-fried in hot oil. Once done, it is flipped about in dry spices, and this tasty snack is ready to eat.


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Basundi is a sweet dish that consists of boiled condensed milk and made in multiple flavours like custard apples or grapes; this dish is specially served on propitious functions and festivals like Kali Chaudas and Bhaubeej.


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Rotlo is a flatbread made of bajra, jowar, or nachni flour. It is typically consumed with raw white onion, green chillies, and buttermilk. It is a basic food in Gujarat, which the locals consume in the winter season.


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Gujiya is prepared using polished flour dough that is stuffed with a filling before deep frying. The filling is made using roasted semolina, almonds, raisins, grated coconut, cardamom powder and sugar. They are formed in a half-moon shape. It is also known as karanji in several parts of India.

Dal Dhokli

Dal Dhokli.
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Dal dhokli is a hot, spicy, sugary one-pot meal. Dal dhokli is a classical Sunday morning joy. Fluffy textured dhokli is drowned in thick semi-sweet gravy with crushed peanuts. It’s highly trendy in both Gujarat and Rajasthan.


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In Gujarati, farsan is referred to as ‘salty snacks’. The Gujarati farsan classically comprises of fried and dry snacks that can be stored for a long time and consumed later.


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It is a deep-fried snack made of chickpea flour. This snack, after being prepared, is soft and not crunchy and holds back its powdery texture. It is usually eaten by people with their morning tea or during high-tea time.


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Fafda-jalebi is a sweet and salty Gujarati food that is available at every corner in Gujarat. Fafda is a crispy snack that is made with gram flour, turmeric, and carom seeds while jalebis are deep-fried maida flour made in circular shapes.


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It is a vegetable cake made with a filling of bottle gourd, crushed peanuts, and in certain cases a mixture of other vegetables added according to the taste. Gujaratis use a different pressure cooker to cook this dish after applying a tadka of oil, cumin seeds, mustard, and curry leaves.


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It is one of the most frequently consumed Gujarati dishes in the world. It is a very spongy and fluffy dish made of fermented rice and chickpeas. It can be enjoyed with mint-coriander chutney or dates and tamarind chutney.


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It is a type of thin flatbread and is a famous Jain cuisine made of mat bean, wheat flour, and oil. It is a very wholesome snack and can be relished with spicy and tangy pickles or groundnut chutney.


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Khaman is also a squishy item made with ground chana dal. It has the same features as dhokla, but the chief difference between them is that khaman is fluffier than dhokla because of the higher amount of soda. It is also a favourite dish of most of the people in Gujarat.

Sev Khamani

Sev Khamani.
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Sev Khamani is a classical Gujarati dish made up of khaman dhokla, crushed and shallow fried in butter and mixed with Indian spices. It is always served with the garnishing of sev, aka namkeen, and often, pomegranates too.

Do not forget to try all these lip-smacking Gujarati cuisines on your trip to Gujarat and share your experiences with your buddies.

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