Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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Indian Male Influencers Breaking Stereotypes About Skincare And Makeup

Makeup is a form of expression. Like any other form of art, makeup isn’t limited to any gender. It is gender fluid. The makeup and skincare market has been a woman controlled sphere, and breezing through it. Many men are likewise breaking away from the reins of gender stereotypes and entering this women-dominated sphere of beauty and lifestyle, and influencers are normalising the same.

Here are some of the most inspiring male influencers encouraging all the young men to do whatever they want and make them believe they can!

Zeeshan Ali

Influencer Zeeshan Ali.
Source- Dazzler

You must’ve observed this man posing attractively for Sabhyasachi in the red outfit that actress Priyanka Chopra wore at her wedding ceremony. A student of medicine drops and follow up on his dream of beauty, fashion and later influencing, which might sound weird. Still, his videos and photoshoots adorning the cover pages of various magazines do not. His Instagram handle has every bit of detail on his life that circulates fashion. He does makeup, goes out and displays exactly how he is.

Shantanu Dhope

Shantanu Dhope.
Source- Trending Us

He is everyone’s favorite influencer known to make ferociously each look bold and perfect. If you’re into bold makeup looks and someone who utterly loves to play with makeup, then Shantanu’s feed can be a flawless one. He is one of the best makeup artists and male influencers who produce magic with his jewellery-makeup style videos.

Jason Arland

Jason Arland.
Source- ED Times

Jason was only eighteen when he commenced his career. Makeup is something that he enjoys and has been doing since he was fourteen. Apart from that, he is a fashion icon, model, dancer and, of course, a total influencer.

Siddharth Batra

Siddharth Batra.
Source- Fashionfrill

He is a famous fashion stylist and one of the male influencers whose kinky fashion style, dressing and smooth grooming, and beauty tips are praised. Growing up, he was always speculative about his mother’s cosmetics, and in college, he would ask his friends about their makeup.

Shakti Singh Yadav

Shakti Singh Yadav.
Source- So City

Skincare has always been a priority for Shakti. At first, he was a bit worried about posting makeup videos online. So he started with a Tiktok video online on how to “enhance with a spoolie”, which went viral in a flash, thus beginning his journey.

Ankush Bahuguna

Ankush Bahuguna.
Source- Mint Lounge

He is one of the most popular Indian male influencers on the viral platform. He enjoys a fan following of more than 621k on Instagram. He is known for his comedy videos and can make the most relatable video on any topic. He has been praised for spreading the message of normalising makeup for every person who wants to wear it.

Yashwant Singh

Yashwant Singh.
Source- PopDiaries

Yashwant is an influencer who has been making content on beauty and skincare tips and direction by examining and proposing the right kind of beauty products. He has even shared his personal experience of acne and how he handled it. He gives us the most honest reviews of skincare brands, whether a homegrown brand or an international brand.

Akshay Tyagi

Akshay Tyagi.
Source- MensXP.com

He is a 34-year-old celebrity stylist and a creative consultant based in Goa who also pleads beauty for men. When it comes to accounting for the male industry, he believes it caters to skincare basics, intending to make it seem manlike. For him, beauty is all about awareness which works with a hint of reverse psychology.

Deep Pathare

Deep Pathare.
Source- YouTube

Deep Pathare is another advancing queer influencer in the circle of Indian Mass Creators. He also has a makeup channel on YouTube, and his content reflects his ideals of ‘Stop Labeling and Start Living’. Moreover, he expresses that we should normalise men wearing makeup not because they can also be straight but because makeup is for everyone.

Babil Khan

Babil Khan.
Source- Global Circulate

Flaunting his love for skincare, facemasks, and even makeup, Babil asked on Instagram how people can still hold such gendered and sexist notions. After being trolled by many people for him wearing face masks or makeup, he shut them up for their toxic thinking. He said that a man must realise a feminine dimension inside, the absence of which he called “toxic masculinity”.


Male Beauty Influencers aren’t just breaking stereotypes but are also motivating young, ambitious men and women all over the nation to not be afraid of who they’re and how they wish to live.

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